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What Our Visitors Say...

Daisy and Dulcie

5 April 2024


Many thanks for offering such a welcoming environment for our beloveds. Very reassuring to know of their contentment in your presence and surroundings.
Dulcie and Daisy are in agreement.



5 March 2024

Minxy is a Romanian rescue dog and a little nervous, I couldn't dream of leaving her in a locked kennel. With holidays looming I contacted Pauline and we arranged a trial stay. Pauline and Doug's experience with and love for dogs was immediately obvious. I was instantly at ease. Minxy was treated as part of the family; welcomed into their home, free to roam from the kitchen to the lounge and even upstairs there's no locked room and Minxy made herself very comfortable and instantly liked Pauline and Doug. Pauline's dogs are so lovely and accepted Minxy as part of their pack. Maggie even shared Minxy's bed which was so sweet. The location is just beautiful with acres of outdoor space for the dogs to roam. Pauline and Doug took extra care with Minxy until she had bonded with them. They put a tracker on her collar so they could keep tabs on where she is whilst giving her freedom to explore their gardens which she did. Regular updates, pictures and films of their walks and adventures made me feel at ease. Pauline really takes the time to understand your dog and tailor the care to suit. I am so happy I have found her and am looking forward to enjoying my holiday knowing Minxy will enjoy her time at the farm, not sure she will want to come home!

Miche Tompkins


2 February 2024

Pauline was my guardian angel. She swept up my dog after a back surgery and took her home and gave her all the love and care she needed for the next two months during her rehabilitation.

My dog is my most treasured friend so I rarely let anyone look after her but Pauline stepped in when I was unable to give her the attention she needed alongside a newborn baby. Never once did I have to question how much TLC she was getting as Pauline would send me daily updates and photos/videos of Tufi frolicking on the beach with other dogs, hooning around the doggy playbarn and cuddling up on Pauline’s lap by the fire in the evenings.

I don’t know anyone who would put up with the demands of an entitled miniature dachshund with such grace and humour. Pauline went above and beyond to make sure that my dog was getting all her whims met (and there are a lot!).

Tufi came back to me so loved and having had the best holiday she could have asked for. I will forever be in debt to Pauline. ‎

Violet Aster

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